Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort

Sanghyang Indah Spa Resort is the only resort with Onsen Spa facility in Banten. Only 80 Minutes away from Jakarta, the resort is built on 9.7 Ha of land by the sea, and filled with hundreds of evergreen teakwood and coconut trees. It is the perfect setting for those looking for a lush and cozy seaside retreat. For the adventurous, there is a wide range water sports available. And for those city people looking for relaxation, head to our Onsen spa for some pampering and rejuvenation.
Media Update
Sanghyang Resort:

The only Resort with NATURAL HOTSPRING Spa Facility
D’Spa Natural Hotspring Aquamedic pool:

Voted eight best SPA in Indonesia by Journey Magazine. Offer authentic JAVANESE treatment and an array of “Trues Healing Experiences”
Dragon Beach Club & Lounge:

Offers the most prestigious club in Anyer, Banten with premium sound, beverages and foods. With a sitting capacity of 180 persons, offers for Dinning and Clubbing activities. Maximum capacity 400 persons.
Sunset Grill Seafood:

is the only live seafood restaurant in Anyer providing unique ambience during sunset to sunrise.  It is the favorite place for all ages to hang out.
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